Fat Grafting Leads to Reduced Pain after Mastectomy for Breast Cancer

In a recent article published on PSC – The Plastic Surgery Channel, doctors are finding good success rates with fat grafting to the breast for reconstruction, in lieu of implants.  According to the article, the physician performing the fat grafting noted that 95% of his patients exhibited reduced pain after fat grafting, for patients who have had a mastectomy for breast cancer.  Breast cancer will be diagnosed 200,000 times in women in 2013, and providing the most up to date information available for reconstruction is important at Hankins and Sohn Plastic Surgery.  Our physicians have a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience in performing fat grafting to all body and facial areas, including the breast.  However, as with all newer techniques, more studies will need to be performed to understand the long-term risks and benefits associated with fat grafting to the breast.