Dr. Sohn Discusses Innovative Natrelle® Breast Implants

We were recently able to sit down with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Samuel Sohn, to discuss Natrelle® style 410 breast implants – the newest breast implant option available at our Las Vegas plastic surgery practice. Read more below to find out what Dr. Sohn has to say about this innovative implant and its potential benefits.

Question: What makes Natrelle style 410 breast implants special?

Dr. Sohn: Natrelle® style 410 implants are the most cohesive implants available on the market. The innovative-shaped implants may help certain surgeons to shape the breast, not just enlarge it, for appropriate candidates.

Q: Are these implants considered “gummy bear” implants?

DS: The term “gummy bear” is a marketing term and has no real scientific basis. However, it is a recognizable term, and for people who are actively inquiring about gummy bear implants and doing research, this is one of the implants available on the market that fits that description. The high degree of cohesivity, or firmness, of the silicone gel in the Natrelle® style 410 implant imparts a comparison to the popular candy.

Q: What are the main benefits of Natrelle® style 410 implants?

DS: When compared to traditional breast implants, the new implants are shaped better – more full on the bottom and less full on top – and designed to hold their position better once implanted. Over the past decade, they have been shown to lead to stable, consistent results and shape over time. Because of their shape, there is less deformity and wrinkling with the implant, particularly in the upper portion of the breast in comparison to traditional implants. They also have a low degree of contracture, or breast hardening.

Q: How will the Natrelle® style 410 implant improve aesthetic results for your patients?

DS: The cohesive-shaped implant holds its distribution of gel better than other implants, which can improve upper pole volume and lend a softer, gentler slope to the breast. Because of the nature of the implant and the variety of sizes available, the Natrelle® 410 allows us to custom tailor the implant to the patient’s anatomy and breast shape desires for the best possible aesthetic result.

Q: How can patients determine if these are the right implants for their needs?

DS: Not all patients are good candidates for the implant, depending on the quality and looseness of the breast tissue, which can ultimately affect the surgical result. The best method to determine if these implants are right for you is by consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience placing the Natrelle® style 410 implant.

Q: Why are you excited to be able to offer this new style of implant?

DS: As board-certified plastic surgeons and one of the largest users of breast implants in the United States, it is important for us to always offer our patients the most up to date devices and techniques to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results. While every patient may not be an appropriate candidate for this implant, it offers us one additional tool to potentially help patients achieve the best surgical results possible.

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