Mommy Makeover

pregnancyBeing a mother is one of the most important, challenging, and rewarding responsibilities in the world, and busy moms deserve to feel happy and confident in their skin. Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and other aspects of motherhood can cause a lot of changes to occur in the body. Fortunately, Mommy Makeover from Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates can help women restore their pre-pregnancy figures according to their unique needs and goals. Each procedure is customized by our experienced Las Vegas plastic surgeons, Dr. W. Tracy Hankins, Dr. Samuel M. Sohn, and Dr. Rohit Jaiswal, and can include a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancement options.

We understand you may have several questions about Mommy Makeover, and we’re here to help. Contact our practice today for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover surgery is a procedure that combines two or more techniques to help women restore their pre-pregnancy figures. Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful experience; however, some of the changes the body goes through may be unwanted by the mother for the long-term. Examples of some common concerns include changes in breast size, shape, and fullness; unwanted pockets of fatty tissue; excess abdominal skin and stretch marks; and signs of aging. A Mommy Makeover typically combines tummy tuck surgery and breast lift surgery, with the option of adding other treatments as desired to improve one’s appearance. At our practice, Drs. Hankins, Sohn, and Jaiswal offer a comprehensive selection of surgical and non-surgical procedures that can be tailored to your individual characteristics and goals.

What Procedures Are Included in a Mommy Makeover?

It’s perfectly natural to want to feel confident and sexy in your own body, and our experienced plastic surgeons are dedicated to helping you achieve an outcome you can be proud of. The typical Mommy Makeover includes two primary procedures: tummy tuck surgery and breast lift (with or without breast implants). Additionally, the treatment plan can be modified to include liposuction, facial rejuvenation, and just about any other aesthetic enhancement technique we offer. In addition to surgical options, our non-surgical therapies can help to address common signs of aging on the face and body, firm skin, and improve skin tone and texture. When you arrive for your initial complimentary consultation, we will listen attentively to your concerns, answer your questions, and develop a treatment plan tailored to your anatomic indicators and expressed goals. Our skilled surgeons will recommend the optimal approach, and the final decision will be yours.

What Can I Expect During Mommy Makeover Surgery?

The details of the operation will vary depending on the techniques you combine for your treatment plan. We will review every step of what to expect during the initial consultation so that you can be prepared in advance. Tummy tuck surgery is designed to tighten abdominal muscles and trim away excess abdominal skin. In many cases liposuction will be added to address pockets of fatty tissue. The incision will be placed low on the hip line for the least noticeable scar. For breast surgery, several incision options are available, and we can also use breast implants or fat grafting to add fullness and modify the shape of the breasts. The procedure time will also depend on the number and type of techniques. Your care, comfort, and results are our highest priorities, and we will provide the information you need to feel as confident about your surgery as possible.

What Is Mommy Makeover Recovery Like?

Due to the highly customizable nature of a Mommy Makeover, recovery will depend on your unique treatment plan and rate of healing. If breast lift and tummy tuck surgery are performed, we recommend you plan for about two weeks off from work. If you have additional procedures completed, your downtime may or may not be longer, depending on the type of treatment. Drs. Hankins, Sohn, and Jaiswal will provide more details based on your individualized approach during your initial consultation. We strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible, and your results, comfort, and safety are our highest priorities.

How Much Does Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost?

The price of a Mommy Makeover will range depending on the number and type of treatments that are utilized in the procedure. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast lift surgery costs $4,636, tummy tuck surgery costs $5,798, and liposuction costs $3,200. These numbers are averages and only refer to the surgeon’s fee. Your cost may not necessarily be the sum of these numbers, but they are provided to give you a general idea of what to expect. Please note, patients will also be responsible for fees related to anesthesiology and the use of a medical facility. We will detail all anticipated costs for the procedure at your initial consultation so that you are well-informed. We also work with plastic surgery financing agencies, if you would like to consider an installment plan for payment.

Mommy Makeover offers numerous benefits, and we can help you determine if this procedure may be right for your individual needs and goals. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule a complimentary consultation with our physicians.