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“Dr. Hankins and his staff are amazing, I was skeptical when looking around for a surgeon – I had already had a bad surgeon and I was terrified of going through another experience. When I came to my consult I was so nervous and didn’t even want to explain what I had already been through, Dr. Hankins’ staff was very patient and listened and his smile when he walked in the door made me feel like he liked his job he sat down and talked to me he didn’t rush through his consult which shocked me after dealing with over 18 surgeons in a year. He explained my options to fix my body and went above and beyond that once he gave me a plan to remove the scars the other doctor had left and repair the damage to my right breast he then said how do you want to look when your done? I was amazed he was not only trying to fix the damage but asking what my original goal was. I carefully considered working with him and his staff and over the last 9 months, I can say I would recommend him to anybody! He and his staff were there through the entire procedure before and afterwards. They not only allowed me to regain my body image but also my faith and trust in the medical field. If you are considering surgery this is the doctor and staff you want to work with, they are priceless.

— K.S. Las Vegas, NV

I think everyone in the office was very patient and knowledgeable. Dr. Hankins was absolutely the best physician I’ve been in contact with. He never made me feel like I needed more “work” than I was asking for. Very professional, truly a great experience!

— A.P.

I am so happy with my liposuction results. I have always been a small person and have only had a few areas that I would have liked to improve but have been unable to achieve this through exercise and dieting. Dr. Hankins told me since I was so small I should only expect subtle results, however these were exactly what I wanted and I am very pleased with the outcome. I only wish I had done it sooner.

— C.V.

I wanted you to know just how much my liposuction has changed my life. Before the surgery, I had a hard time buying pants that would fit over my hips. I hadn’t worn shorts in 11 years and in a swimsuit I always had something covering up my lower half. Now, after my surgery, I can’t wait to get dressed in the morning! I went out and bought 10 pairs of shorts for the summer and I have a hard time finding pants that don’t fit me! My self confidence has exploded… my husband says it is like being married to a different person. Four months after my surgery he took me to the Dominican Republic to test the new me… I never took off my swimsuit!… Thank you so much for your honesty, compassion and skill. You have truly changed my life.

— H.F.

I was 45 lbs overweight and after losing the weight there were some areas that I just couldn’t get to budge. When I started telling people that I was considering liposuction, I was shocked to hear how many of them had already visited . They all had such wonderful things to say, so I knew I needed to book an appointment.

During my consultation I was very nervous because this would be my first surgery. They took lots of extra time with me explaining my choices. I was amazed at how well they relaxed me and made me feel calm and comfortable. In addition to traditional liposuction, they used a laser to smooth the area and tighten my skin.

After surgery my skin was soft and smooth; it was better than I could ever imagine. I could never have achieved that look on my own. I feel amazing about my body today. My confidence has gone through the roof! It is so empowering!

— Liza

“I truly thank Dr. Hankins for this opportunity to feel beautiful again after having babies – Also I appreciate that Dr. Hankins didn’t make my implants too big – Thank you so much for your patient ear Dr. Hankins!”

— Actual Patient

My husband and I wanted you to know how pleased we are with our procedures. You have changed my life in such a positive way. My self-esteem is high and now I can wear clothes that I have not been able to wear in such a long time. I walk with my head up high instead of hanging low ashamed of what I use to look like. I love showing off my stomach and my husband even pays attention to me more than what he used to. I show off my incision/scar too without hesitation. It’s funny, but I am not afraid to drop and undo my pants a little bit to show someone how good my scar and tummy looks. You have helped my husband too! He has worn XL shirts for so long and now hen he puts them on, they are so baggy and loose on him. We both feel so good about each other and it is all because of you! You are not only the best at what you do, but you are a caring person too. To us, that means a lot. I was so impressed that you called me back instead of one of your nurses when I had questions before my procedure. You don’t find too many doctors like that. We brag about you and your staff all the time! We can’t THANK YOU enough for changing our lives!!!

— Actual Patient

I am very happy with my results. They turned out better than I expected! I also appreciated the telephone call from Dr. Hankins after the surgery to check on me instead of leaving it to a nurse!

— Actual Patient

Dr. Hankins is the best surgeon ever!

— D.S. – Las Vegas

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