face _8One of the most difficult areas to lose excess fat is located under the chin. A double chin, medically referred to as submental fat or submental fullness, can be very resistant to diet and exercise. In the past, liposuction was the only effective cosmetic procedure available for this common concern. Now there’s FDA-approved KYBELLA, available from our board certified plastic surgeons. KYBELLA may be able to help you reduce fat in this “problem” area and achieve a more contoured chin and jawline with minimal downtime.


KYBELLA is an advanced cosmetic injectable designed to reduce the appearance of fatty tissue under the jawline with natural-looking results. It is comprised of a substance called deoxycholic acid, which can be found naturally-occurring in the body. This solution has the ability to break down fat cells, which can then be filtered out of the body through normal metabolic processes. A minimally invasive treatment that requires little to no downtime, KYBELLA can be an excellent option for men and women seeking to address a double chin without surgery.

Is KYBELLA™ Right for Me?

Determining whether KYBELLA can give you the desired outcome requires an evaluation by our skilled plastic surgeons. If you’re in good overall health, have reasonable expectations for the outcome, and suffer from excess fatty tissue under the chin, KYBELLA may be right for you. We will also check your skin quality; KYBELLA works best in patients who have good skin elasticity. If you have excess skin as well as excess fatty tissue, you may be a better candidate for another procedure. In some cases, reducing the fat from the chin area can leave skin loose, in which case a neck lift may be recommended to provide more comprehensive enhancement. We will discuss these considerations with you as they apply at your initial consultation.

What Is the KYBELLA™ Procedure Like?

logo-kybella-300x168When you arrive for your initial complimentary consultation, one of our skilled plastic surgeons will evaluate your needs and discuss your goals. If he determines that KYBELLA is right for you, he will administer the solution into a series of targeted sites using ultra-fine needles. Most patients report little discomfort, and we can provide a number of options to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Depending on several factors, treatment often takes as little as 20 minutes. KYBELLA offers gradual, natural-looking effects that have the potential to be very long-lasting.

What Is KYBELLA™ Recovery Like?

Most patients find that they can return to work and social activities a day or two after treatment. You may experience some mild redness and swelling at the injection sites, although these symptoms should subside quickly. Benefits will begin to appear after a few weeks and continue to improve over a few months. Many individuals find that one KYBELLA treatment is sufficient to achieve their aesthetic goals, and other patients may need two-to-four sessions. As with all of our cosmetic enhancement procedures, your care, comfort, and safety are our highest priorities.

How Long Will KYBELLA™ Last?

KYBELLA is designed to provide lasting results, and once patients finish the treatment plan many do not require retreatment. Some individuals will need more than one session to optimize the effects. We also recommend maintaining a stable weight by eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly to preserve the outcome as long as possible.

How Much Does KYBELLA™ Cost?

The price for KYBELLA will depend on your treatment plan, including how many treatment sessions you will need and the amount of formula required to achieve the desired result. We will go over the anticipated cost for the procedure with you during your initial consultation so that you have the details needed to make an informed decision. Generally speaking, KYBELLA costs, on average, between $800-$1,800 per treatment. If you would like to consider plastic surgery financing to pay in monthly installments, we work with a number of reputable medical lenders that offer appealing terms and affordable rates to qualified applicants. You can apply online or talk to us more about your options.

Would you like to know more? Contact our practice today for more information about KYBELLA or to schedule a complimentary consultation.