New Technologies at Hankins and Sohn Plastic Surgery – Ultherapy and Liposonix!

We are excited to offer to our patients two of the most exciting new technologies to be introduced to the Las Vegas market for non-surgical rejuvenation.  They are Ultherapy and Liposonix, read more about them below and check out the video links for more information.


Ultherapy is an FDA approved non-surgical, non-invasive procedures that utilizes ultrasound energy to lift skin.  It can be used on the face, neck, eyebrows, cheeks, and crow’s feet.  The process involves ultrasonic stimulation of the deep structural layers of skin to tone and tighten loose skin without actual surgery.  Results are seen after 2-3 months, with continued improvement up to 6 months.  There is no downtime with the procedure.  We are taking appointments now to book, call us at 702-897-1330 to schedule your Las Vegas Ultherapy treatment and consultation today!



Liposonix is also non-invasive and non-surgical, with no downtime, that also utilizes ultrasonic energy.  However, instead of targeting the skin, Liposonix focuses on the subcutaneous fat, thereby eliminating targeted fat without surgery.  Examples of areas that can be treated include the abdomen and love handles.  In fact, the average waistline reduction after just a single one-hour treatment is about 1 inch, with results seen in 8-12 weeks.  There are criteria that need to be met to ensure the best results, including the ability to “pinch an inch” in the treatment area, and have a body mass index of 30 or less.  Liposonix is inbound to our Henderson office, and we will keep you notified for its arrival for those that are interested in the procedure.