Weight Loss Body Contouring Talk at O-Band Center with Dr. Sohn

Dr. Sohn was pleased to be invited to present a discussion of body contouring after weight loss for gastric band and bypass patients, at the O-Band Surgery Center this past Wednesday, October 15, 2013.  Popular body contouring procedures such as the tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, lower body lift, breast lift, facelift, and the bra line back lift were discussed with a number of lap band patients who were seeking body contouring in Las Vegas.  We partner with some of the busiest bariatric surgeons in Las Vegas, and have a wealth of experience in dealing with the intricacies associated with body contouring surgery.  The turnout was excellent, and we thank the O-Band Center for their hospitality.  If you are seeking breast, facial, or body contouring after weight loss, call our office for your complimentary consultation at 702-948-7595.l_oband