What Are the Side Effects of VASER® LipoSelection®?

Woman-300x163-1The first thing you should know about VASER® Liposelection®, and any type of liposuction, is that as a surgical procedure it comes with some risk of complications. One way to minimize these risks is to choose a highly trained, board certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Samuel M. Sohn, to perform the operation. Another way to reduce the possibility of experiencing an outcome that’s not what you desired is to be honest and forthcoming about what you expect from the procedure.

Also called VASERlipo®, this treatment is designed to reduce pockets of fatty tissue by breaking up fat cells with ultrasonic waves and then suctioning them out. VASERlipo® makes it possible to contour areas both small and large, therefore the skill of the surgeon is even more important. Dr. Sohn understands how to refine the treated region with precision, helping to achieve the most aesthetically appealing and natural-looking results possible. In less capable hands, the effect could potentially look less smooth. VASERlipo® is often referred to as a sculpting technique, and choosing the plastic surgeon with the artistic eye and medical experience to optimize your outcome is highly recommended.