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Mini Facelift

Dr. Hankins and Dr. Sohn feel that the “mini-facelifts” that you hear so much about in the media today offer an excellent alternative for many patients.  Dr. Hankins and Dr. Sohn have collectively performed thousands of these procedures, and have been very satisfied with, and have patients who are very satisfied with the results and the longevity associated with the mini facelift.

Many patients, while desiring the rejuvenating effects of a facelift, are deterred by the recovery time, expense, or the extent of the surgery. The mini-facelift offers an enticing alternative.  Because it involves less dissection of the tissues than a traditional full facelift, there is considerably less bruising and discomfort and patients are able to return to their normal activities more quickly than after a traditional facelift. For these reasons, the mini-facelift is a great option for men, and women, seeking subtle rejuvenation.

The mini-facelift relies on sutures placed in the deeper layers of the face to lift the soft tissue, which achieves a long-lasting lift; then the skin is re-draped to remove the excess.  Most patients can return to their social schedule/work schedule within one week.  There are normally no sutures to remove and the healed incisions, because they are kept to a minimum, are subtle and hidden in natural creases.  The mini-facelift can be done comfortably under local anesthesia to help make the surgery both safer, more cost effective, as well as easier to recover from. 

Dr. Hankins, in both Las Vegas, Nevada and at his practice in Lake Havasu City, Arizona has performed a mini facelift for over fiften years.  He has performed thousands of these procedures and has been extremely pleased with the results, as well as the longevity of the results in his patients.  Dr. Sohn in his practices in both Beverly Hills and Las Vegas has been performing the mini facelift for over 8 years, and has performed thousands of facial aesthetic procedures.

To determine whether you are an acceptable candidate for the procedure, schedule a complimentary appointment with Dr. Hankins or Dr. Sohn.  Contact us at (702) 948-7595 for more information on this exciting and powerful procedure for facial rejuvenation.

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