Why Should I Combine Fat Grafting with Facelift Surgery?


Many cosmetic procedures are designed to multitask—they can often address multiple aesthetic concerns with one technique. However, more comprehensive results can be achieved in many cases by combining two or more approaches. Dr. W. Tracy Hankins, our board certified plastic surgeon, says that’s often true with facelift surgery and fat grafting. A facelift is primarily designed to reduce the appearance of excess, sagging skin. It’s also common for patients to experience volume loss and deep creases, signs of aging that fat grafting can help to minimize. There are other benefits to combining these two procedures as well. For instance, the fatty tissue can be placed in the most effective areas during the operation—no need for post-operative injections.

Your recovery may be slightly longer if you combine these procedures than with facelift surgery alone, but it should be less than if you performed the techniques separately. Additionally, the results of your facelift may last longer with the help of the fatty tissue to support and enhance the effect. If you think facelift surgery and fat grafting might be able to help you achieve your goals, Dr. Hankins can provide additional information during your initial complimentary consultation.