Botox Approved by the FDA for migraine treatment!

The FDA today approved Botox Therapeutic for use in treatment for chronic migraines; Botox is already approved for treatment of crossed eyes, neck muscle spasms, overactive sweating, and stiffness associated with muscle spasms in the hand and elbows, as well as the Botox Cosmetic wrinkle reduction that we all know and love.  See the link to the NY Times article here.  Chronic migraines are those that occur more than 14 days out of each month.  Botox has not been shown to work effectively for the treatment of episodic migraine headaches, or for other forms of headache.  The treatments are performed every 12 weeks.  For those that suffer from the pain, light sensitivity, and nausea associated with chronic migraines, another treatment option may provide good relief.  Less wrinkles are also a plus!

– Samuel M. Sohn, MD