Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery featured on The Ultimate Women Challenge!

Dr. Hankins and Dr. Sohn in conjunction with Mary Sullivan-Bryan of Advanced Aesthetics,

are proud to be featured on the Ultimate Women Challenge, a first run nationally syndicated

broadcast television series launching in over 60 million homes across America, airing in

September 2010 on NBC. The show features 16 women who are given the opportunity to

take off their make-up, put aside the Botox, and put on their gloves in a historic competition

that fuses elements of mixed-martial arts with reality TV. The show delves into the lives of

these women, pulling from them the most intriguing details of what drives them to compete in

the sport, with weekly challenges and eliminations. Their coaches are top ranked and world-

renowned fighters who themselves know what it takes to make it in the difficult world of MMA.

Ultimate Women Challenge is about empowerment for women, and differs from other programs

in that the show has an emphasis on education and community service. Episodes will be

dedicated to a specific social cause or charity. Be sure to watch the show, and root for your

favorite Ultimate Women!

– Samuel M. Sohn, MD

Mary Sullivan-Bryan and Sarah from Advanced Aesthetics, and Dr. Sohn were featured ringside at the Ultimate Women Challenge - airing soon on NBC!

Dr. Sohn with Joanna Krupa, host of the Ultimate Women Challenge!