The Science of Survival

As one of the primary reconstructive surgeons offering services at Sunrise Hospital, I’ve been involved in some significant and amazing surgical efforts to help restore function, save life and limb, and provide healing after traumatic events or tumor removal.  I recently was asked to participate in a case headed by Dr. Yevgeniy Khavkin, a neuro-spine surgeon from Johns Hopkins, who now resides here in Las Vegas.  Dr. Khavkin performed a subtotal radical removal of the sacrum for a tumor that was causing debilitating pain for a young lady.  The case took over 8 hours, and involved multiple specialties who all provided their expertise to provide the best possible result.  I was asked to be involved in the case for my expertise in wound closure.  Due to the significant size of the defect, plastic surgery techniques were necessary to allow for a stable wound closure of the back.  I am happy to say that the efforts were successful; it is precisely cases such as this that provides me with a sense of gratification, knowing that we have trained and trained to provide our patients with the best in surgical care and personal attention to ensure a successful outcome.  Further details of the write-up by a local newspaper can be read here.

– Samuel M. Sohn, MD