Introducing Restylane Silk at Hankins and Sohn Plastic Surgery

Drs. Hankins and Sohn are proud to be amongst the first in Las Vegas to offer Restylane Silk to our MedSpa and injectable patients.  Restylane Silk is a new product based upon the tried and true hyaluronan gel used in Restylane, but with a smaller particle size.  It was FDA approved in June 2014, and is now hitting the Las Vegas market.  With its smaller particle size, it is effectively used to treat very fine lines and wrinkles, including smokers lines around the lips, and to add lip volume in general.  Restylane Silk also contains lidocaine 0.3%, to help reduce discomfort during injection.  Longevity of the product is reported to be similar to that of Restylane, which can range from 6 months to a year.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment for Restylane Silk, at 702-897-1330!