Textured vs. Smooth Breast Implants – What Matters and Why

BreastImplantsA common question that a patient may ask during a Las Vegas breast augmentation consultation, is “what is the difference between smooth and textured breast implants.” Some of the decision on what type of implant used may be based upon surgeon experience as well as your soft tissues and relevant anatomy. At Hankins and Sohn Plastic Surgery, we utilize both smooth and textured implants, depending on position of the implant above or below the muscle, your breast size and shape, and your specific wants and needs.

Some pros to textured implants include: reduced risk of capsular contracture, and reduction of risk of implants flipping out of position. Cons to the use of textured implants are a stiffer implant as well as potential increased risk of rippling and visibility (excluding the newest generation of form stable shaped implants) and slightly higher rupture rates.

In contrast, smooth implants tend to be softer, with lower rates of rupture. They tend to look higher in the initial postoperative period, but then settle down in the breast pocket over time. However, there are potentially slightly higher rates of capsular contracture; in many (but not all) situations, the smooth implants tend to be placed in a submuscular pocket to reduce this risk.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting result from your breast surgery. Smooth vs. textured implants is a choice that is best made in conjunction with your board-certified plastic surgeon, and is but a single facet in a complex decision making process. If you have further questions regarding the right implant choice for your Las Vegas plastic surgery, contact us at 702-948-7595 to schedule a complimentary consultation.