Can I Still Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation?


Millions of women have received breast augmentation and gone on to breastfeed without difficulty. Still, it’s normal to wonder if this procedure could have an effect on your ability to nurse. In most cases, the answer is no, it shouldn’t; however, there are factors to consider before making your final decision. During your initial complimentary consultation, our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel M. Sohn, will evaluate you for signs that could indicate one way or another whether you could have an issue with lactation. Additionally, you should keep in mind that there are certain surgical techniques that can help to reduce the risk of experiencing difficulty breastfeeding.

If you know in advance that you will want to breastfeed in the future, Dr. Sohn may recommend that you choose a specific incision location such as the inframammary fold. This incision is placed where the breast naturally meets the skin of the chest and is well concealed. Additionally, the inframammary approach minimizes the risk of damaging the milk ducts, which are located near the areola and nipple. Neither silicone nor saline breast implants are associated with breastfeeding difficulty; therefore, you should choose the implant type that best suits your needs and goals based on Dr. Sohn’s guidance.

Many women naturally assume that they will have the ability to breastfeed. Unfortunately, that is not always the case whether they augment their breasts or not. In most instances, if you have the capability to nurse before breast surgery, you probably will after as well. So you should feel comfortable knowing it’s possible to achieve your cosmetic goals and feed your children the way you wish.