Breast Augmentation

Do You Need a Lift With Your Implants?

One of the most common questions we get from patients who are looking for a breast augmentation is whether or not they need a lift as well. This is one of the more difficult and important decisions to make- both for the surgeon and patient- so it is important to consider many things. A lift is needed when the implant will not be enough to re-position the skin of the breast and nipple onto the correct portion of the implant. Ideally, the nipple should be centered over the implant as much as possible. For many patients seeking breast augmentation, this […]

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Can Breast Implants Interfere With Mammograms?

At Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates, we believe that your health is as important as your cosmetic goals. Part of managing your breast health over time is regular exams. Our extensively trained plastic surgeon often gets asked if mammograms are possible after breast augmentation. Dr. Samuel Sohn wishes to assure our patients that effective mammograms can be performed. He explains that there are a few things women should know and communicate with their technician when going in for evaluation. It’s important to always alert the breast imaging center and your radiologist that you have breast implants prior to your […]

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Which Breast Implant Placement Provides the Most Natural Appearance?

In addition to breast implant size and type, breast augmentation allows you to customize the placement location for your implants. Why does the position matter? Our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Sohn, explains that the location can have an impact on how natural-looking the results will be. If you’re eager to achieve an outcome that flatters your body type, choosing the right placement can make a significant difference. The right implant placement will vary from person to person—there is no one “ideal” location that works for everyone. Considerations like skin thickness, amount of existing tissue, incision location, implant material, […]

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Can I Still Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation?

Millions of women have received breast augmentation and gone on to breastfeed without difficulty. Still, it’s normal to wonder if this procedure could have an effect on your ability to nurse. In most cases, the answer is no, it shouldn’t; however, there are factors to consider before making your final decision. During your initial complimentary consultation, our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel M. Sohn, will evaluate you for signs that could indicate one way or another whether you could have an issue with lactation. Additionally, you should keep in mind that there are certain surgical techniques that can help […]

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Reasons for Breast Implant Upgrades and Revision Breast Surgery

Breast Revision LV

Across the nation, breast augmentation is the most popular aesthetic enhancement surgery. This procedure is designed to enhance the volume and shape of the breasts and offers numerous other benefits. Occasionally, however, patients may be dissatisfied with the result of an operation performed by another plastic surgeon. In other cases, patients may later decide they want smaller or larger breast implants. These are just a few of the reasons people consider breast revision surgery. If you’re considering an implant upgrade, our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. W. Tracy Hankins, can determine if this treatment can help you achieve your cosmetic […]

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How do I Choose the Right Breast Implant Size and Shape?

breast augmentation size

One of the primary benefits of having a large range of breast implant options is the ability to customize breast augmentation results to suit your unique needs and goals. However, you may also find the abundant selection overwhelming. At Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates, Dr. Samuel M. Sohn will work closely with you and discuss the differences between each type of breast implant. He can provide a reliable resource to help you become well informed and feel confident about your decision. Chances are you’re already somewhat familiar with the differences between saline and silicone implants. The most essential distinction, […]

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How Old Is Too Old for Breast Augmentation?

How old is too old for breast augmentation?

As a plastic surgery practice in Las Vegas, we see patients from all walks of life. While many women choose to undergo breast augmentation in their 20s and 30s, this is by no means the only age range in which breast enhancement can be performed. Our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel M. Sohn, typically performs breast surgery on individuals 18 and up, and there is no specific upper age limit for this procedure. If you’re thinking about getting breast implants but are concerned about whether you qualify, he can determine if this procedure may be right for you based […]

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