NeoGraft Hair Transplantation Now Offered at Hankins and Sohn!

We are happy to announce the addition of NeoGraft to our complement of aesthetic rejuvenation procedures for both our male and female patients. NeoGraft is a state of the art, automated hair transplant system that is a permanent solution for reversing hair loss. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure done with a local anesthetic (while awake) in the office, that involves harvesting hair from the back or side of the head and replacing hairs in areas that are thinning or balding. There are no visible scars, and minimal discomfort and recovery.

NeoGraft uses an automated technique called FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction. These hair follicles are then immediately transplanted into the scalp. It is FDA approved, precise, safe, and has successfully treated thousands of patients nationwide. For more information or to schedule your procedure, contact us at 702-948-7595 today!