How to Prepare for Facelift Surgery

Achieving your cosmetic goals is an exciting experience. Of course, it can feel a little nerve-racking at times as well. As the days lead up to your operation, there is plenty you can do to help make the experience the best it can be. Our extensively trained plastic surgeons will offer plenty of tips during your initial consultation, but a little refresher is always handy. For those of you considering a facelift or having one soon, the following instructions can make the process smoother, easier, and faster, ultimately optimizing your outcome. For more suggestions, just reach out to our skilled medical team.

  1. If you haven’t yet, make a consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals, evaluate your needs, and determine if facelift surgery if right for you.
  2. Schedule a surgical appointment. This is the date you will have the operation. You should be able to return home the same day, so you’ll want your house to be set up for you to take it easy.
  3. If you smoke, stop at least two weeks before the operation (a month is better!).
  4. Stop taking any medications that could affect your procedure about two weeks before surgery. Dr. W. Tracy Hankins will provide specific instructions tailored to your medical needs, but in general these can include blood thinners and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs).
  5. Complete any requested blood work prior to the surgery day. Dr. Hankins will provide more detailed information if this applies to you.
  6. Don’t eat or drink after midnight the day of your operation (i.e. the night before).
  7. Don’t wear any makeup or skincare products on your face the day of surgery.

Your well-being is one of our highest priorities. Feel free to talk to us about any questions or concerns. We’re here to help.