What Will My Tummy Tuck Scars Look Like?


Abdominoplasty can tone and tighten the midsection when pregnancy, weight gain and loss, or the natural process of aging lead to excess skin and loose muscles in this area. Also known as tummy tuck surgery, this procedure begins with an incision low on the hip line. This gives our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Sohn, access to the tissues beneath the skin. Many patients are curious what this incision will look like when it’s healed—will it be obvious? The good news is, Dr. Sohn makes every effort to keep the scar as inconspicuous as possible. We understand that you want to feel comfortable in every type of clothing. As a result, Dr. Sohn will discuss with you exactly where the mark will go, and he can often adjust the incision to sit low enough so as to be hidden by underwear, swimsuits, and costumes.

It’s important to note, the scar will take time to heal. At first, this mark will look pinkish and may even be raised. With time, the scar should fade in color and become smoother and flatter. We also offer laser skin resurfacing to help minimize the appearance of the incision. Although it may never completely fade away, most patients report that the final result is well worth the small issue of having a scar.

If you have additional questions about what a tummy tuck scar will look like, we can help. Just reach out to our skilled medical team to learn more.