Do You Need a Lift With Your Implants?

One of the most common questions we get from patients who are looking for a breast augmentation is whether or not they need a lift as well. This is one of the more difficult and important decisions to make- both for the surgeon and patient- so it is important to consider many things.

A lift is needed when the implant will not be enough to re-position the skin of the breast and nipple onto the correct portion of the implant. Ideally, the nipple should be centered over the implant as much as possible. For many patients seeking breast augmentation, this can be accomplished with implant alone. However, if the patient has breasts that are pretty loose and/or sagging, then an implant may not be enough to “fill up” the breast and allow the correct lifting. In these patients a lift should be considered.

Doing a breast lift will allow us to customize your breast shape, improve the position of your breast tissue, and re-position the nipple so that it rests at the correct location. This can be done using the “short scar” technique which essentially looks like a lollipop shape. After surgery, scar tape, gels, and lasers can all be used to help you get the best scar possible.

How do you know if you will need a lift? One easy way to tell is if the position of your nipple lies below the level of the fold just underneath your breast, you may benefit from a lift. Another way is to put a pencil underneath your breast at the level of the fold- if it stays in place without you holding it up with your hands then you may benefit from a lift as well. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to be examined by one of our surgeons in the office!

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-Dr. J