Should I Combine Brow Lift and Eyelid Surgery?

Many types of procedures can be combined to achieve either better or more far-reaching results than either treatment could alone. This is often particularly true of brow lift and eyelid surgery. Two areas of the face, the eyes and the forehead, are closely related and work together to express emotion and communicate ideas. As a result, incorporating both techniques in a treatment plan often can lead to more effective rejuvenation.

Excess eyelid skin can make a patient appear tired, sad, or older than their age. This effect can be caused by skin laxity in the eyelid area alone; however, it’s often exacerbated by a drooping brow that is experiencing a similar change caused by the natural aging process. By addressing both regions simultaneously, a more dramatic outcome can be achieved. Using this approach also makes it easier for our plastic surgeons to maintain a balanced and symmetrical outcome that’s as natural-looking as possible.

Not everyone will benefit from combining eyelid surgery and a brow lift, but it’s worth understanding what can be accomplished with this combined treatment. During your initial complimentary consultation, our physicians can help you determine if these procedures might be right for you.