Can Breast Implants Interfere With Mammograms?

doctor with patient in hospital

At Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates, we believe that your health is as important as your cosmetic goals. Part of managing your breast health over time is regular exams. Our extensively trained plastic surgeon often gets asked if mammograms are possible after breast augmentation. Dr. Samuel Sohn wishes to assure our patients that effective mammograms can be performed. He explains that there are a few things women should know and communicate with their technician when going in for evaluation.

It’s important to always alert the breast imaging center and your radiologist that you have breast implants prior to your appointment. Many highly trained technicians will know to adjust their exam approach to achieve the most effective results. The technique used is called “distraction,” which is used to displace the implant and capture the image of the breast tissue.

In some cases, the technician may have difficulty getting the desired results even with this technique. Although rare, if this happens, the radiologist may recommend undergoing an ultrasound or MRI screening as well to accurately assess the situation. Additionally, women with a history of breast cancer should consider having regular MRIs. Since occasional MRIs are also recommended to check on the integrity of the implant, this can easily become a normal part of your breast health maintenance plan.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can provide additional information about mammograms following breast augmentation if you have more questions. We’re here to help.