Which Breast Implant Placement Provides the Most Natural Appearance?

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In addition to breast implant size and type, breast augmentation allows you to customize the placement location for your implants. Why does the position matter? Our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Sohn, explains that the location can have an impact on how natural-looking the results will be. If you’re eager to achieve an outcome that flatters your body type, choosing the right placement can make a significant difference.

The right implant placement will vary from person to person—there is no one “ideal” location that works for everyone. Considerations like skin thickness, amount of existing tissue, incision location, implant material, and implant shape will help determine which method best suits your needs and goals. Very thin patients with minimal breast tissue often benefit from using silicone implants placed behind the muscle. Individuals with significant breast volume may be best served by implants placed above the muscle. Dr. Sohn will discuss all the options with you during the initial consultation. He may recommend one or more approaches based on your anatomic indicators and expressed goals, and together you will develop an optimal treatment plan.

While not everyone may desire a natural-looking result, it can still be helpful to understand how implant placement will affect the appearance of your results. Talk to us today to learn more about the many options you have with breast augmentation.